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The day starts with the first rays of sunlight in Laniera during the harvest season. Laniera is the large swamp west of Antananarivo, Madagascar, gridded with damps which enabled a rural society to flourish from growing vegetables, padi fields, raising cattle and poultry and fishing.

From 4 A.M. this world embedded in uplands of the Imerina is  getting busy providing food supplies to the 2 millions inhabitants of the thousand hills city. In a lively atmosphere Men, Women and animals are preparing. Children are running to school, fishermen are already throwing their lines and nets in the water, and on the red laterite damps, bicycles are racing their way to the city.


People living in Laniera are mostly peasants coming from all over the country. They have a simple life, and despite living sometimes in extremely rustic conditions they pride themselves that their "Tanana" (village) is still "Madio" (or not polluted by crime) unlike the urban areas.

A Rural Chronicle


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