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After the  Arab spring and the Egyptian revolution, the Sinaï desert saw as series of destabilizing events : assault on police forces, destruction of gas pipelines supplying Israel, kidnappings. These events reminded the world of the strategic importance of the Sinaï desert in the Middle-East because of its connection to Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. With the end of the Mubarak's regime and the weakening of the Egyptian government influence and control in this region, Islamic and independents movements expanded their influences.

Bedouins, literally "those from the desert", are the original inhabitants of this region. The first tribes settled there centuries ago and  have been  herding camels, cattles and goats.  They are one of the rare desert dwellers of the planet and  illustrate the qualities of endurance and tenacity of humans to adapt and survive in extreme conditions. The  Bedus have seen empires coming and going through history with little effect on their nomadic way of life.  Until recently.

Those from the desert

Bedouin ( بَدَوِي,)

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